Every business has an internet presence nowadays, and digital marketing is no longer optional. We develop content that fits the needs of your business. We also provide search engine optimization (SEO) services to make sure your website is on the top of search engines.  We promote your business on social media portals like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As the internet is evolving, and because the need of every business is different, we are quite flexible.

Digital Marketing

Benefits of Digital Marketing

The world is increasingly becoming globalized, with more and more people buying products over the internet. Traditional media outlets are dying a slow, painful death. If you start early in digital marketing, you will have a massive competitive edge over your competitors on the internet. When the internet is still in its infancy, there is plenty of room for niche products and services. You can create a buzz at a low cost, and achieve measurable results with relatively less effort

Digital marketing services

We write content, optimize the content for search engines, promote your content and products on the social media, and do pay per click management for you. We write content, optimize the content for search engines, promote your content and products on the social media, and do pay per click management for you.


Search engine optimization

Good content is not enough. Content should be optimized for search engines that your website appears on the top of search engines. Good search engine optimization (SEO) helps you get traffic for free. You do not have to pay to reach your customers as you would do in pay per click advertisements.

We employ search engine optimization techniques to help search engines see that your content is relevant to customers. SEO is inessential to reach your customers.


Social media

Everybody is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram nowadays. The trend is only likely to intensify as the internet starts cutting across class, geographical and age barriers.

Already, for many popular websites, traffic through social media is much higher than the traffic through search engines. It is very important to popularize your content on social media, and we will do that for you at a very affordable rate.


PPC management

We manage how you spend your money on pay per click (PPC) advertising. Pay per click advertising puts you on the top of search engines, though you have to pay for it, unlike in search engine optimization.

PPC gives you instant traffic. Good PPC advertising is a science and art at the same time, and it takes enormous planning to pull this off well. We will do that for you at a reasonable price.


Content marketing services

No major business can survive on the internet without content marketing. Though content marketing wasn’t big deal not very long ago, now it has become an important part of any business with an internet presence. We have exceptionally fluent writers who will write good content for you, on time, at a reasonable cost to you.

We make sure that the content for you is well-written, informative and readable. Content marketing is one of the cheapest ways to do well in Google rankings.


Infopiixel offer every kind of digital marketing services, whether it is content marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media marketing, or other digital marketing tools and techniques. We offer value for your money by ensuring that your digital marketing activities are cost-effective, efficient and appealing to your target audience. We let you do digital marketing without an in-house digital marketing team.



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